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  14 Jan, 2018
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With Nagam joins, Mahbubnagar turns to The Congress ??

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BJP leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy willing to join the Congress party, well it seems yes. His words give hint on his decision on the new party which he is likely to go with. Nagam said in a meeting that his constituent cadre was disappointed with party activities and they thought there was no scope for BJP in Telangana. He also revealed, according to his activists and local party leaders after Ugadi he will make a decision on which party he is joining to and confirmed that coming polls will be the last to him as BJP representative. So, what is the next option to Nagam??

Recently Telangana Political joint action committee met Nagam and asked him to join them, but it has no clarity of forming a party. The alternatives are either the ruling TRS or the opposition congress, though Nagam did not give clarity but his talks did. In recent times he alleged on the government that TRS encouraged corruption in the projects, people of his constituency are thinking that Nagam may join with Congress. It remains to be seen what is gonna happen after Ugadi .

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