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  16 Mar, 2018
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Will All sections take turn towards KCR with the Budget ???

Telangana TRS government presented state budget for 2018-19 in the Assembly without opposition party leaders. Finance minister Eetala Rajender’s budget was big push to farm sector, he proposed 1,74,453 crore budget, in that allotted major part for farm and irrigation sectors. With out doubt it’s completely election oriented budget, as the TRS government is facing hard time with farmers in the state, it’s trying to woo them by spending much on them. But the government showed cold shoulder to other sections like education and other backward castes.

Mainly the budget woos the farmers as KCR has gotten report says farmers are showing back to TRS government for not showing them minimum prices to their crops. Still farmers are not cleared their debts from the government, Do they believe this new scheme
‘ 4k per acre investment support ‘ ??
As the government proudly announced 27k jobs were created by them, what about remaining jobs as they promised at poll time, would give one lakh jobs ??
Apart from jobs, Education sector has been neglected in the allocation of Budget. When the opposition claims that the budget was unrealistic and created false hopes, how does the government make people to believe?

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