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  6 Feb, 2018
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Why does KCR remain Silent on the Union Budget?? Here is the Reason…..


Telangana The Parliament sessions are getting hotter with opposition questions on the budget which is likely not satisfied with the people and with the agitations of MP’s as they allege that injustice done to their states in the budget. More than any other states both Telugu states are completely neglected in the allocation of budget. AP Telugu MPs raised their voice against the budget and demanded for the justice. After union budget was announced, KCR said their proposal for nearly 40k cr was not even considered and a merge 2k cr worth projects were granted. Why did they not raise their voices against NDA ?

The congress leaders alleged that CM KCR was not raising his voice against modi over injustice done to Telangana in the Union Budget because prime minister office had a list of irregularities involving KCR , that is why TRS wanted to maintain silence rather than raising his party MPs voice in the parliament, congress leaders said. They also said PMO has a detailed list of corruption happened in all projects taken over by the TRS government, that made KCR dumb and mute. TRS is not questioning the NDA, BJP can not raise their decibels only the party left was congress which is fighting against the issues suffering people of the nation .

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