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  8 Mar, 2018
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What’s KCR’s next move, Is He Dare Enough to follow Babu???

Telangana Seems like, The political scenario of central tuned out to ‘Game is over’.. after the finance minister Arun Jaitly declared that AP has no special status and Telangana has no increase in Reservations, this statements made both Telugu state people’s emotions blaze up. Consequently, The politics moved rapidly in AP and CM Chandra babu decided to cut off relations with central and pull out party ministers from central. That’s other part, here in Telangana CM KCR proudly announced in meetings , PM Modi is willing to give more reservations for Telangana minority people, thought there was no condemn statement from central to KCR’s words, but now it has been declared that No more extra reservations for the state Telangana, they showed up the reason as the government could not come up with the proper reason, why they wanted reservations more…

What will KCR do now? Will he follow the neighbor CM ? will KCR ask his MPs to resign to make central understand how serious the issue it is , how badly the people are wanted it for? As of now no such signs from T.government. Interesting point here is, when KCR was so confident about reservations, central did not give a single word but when KCR started projecting himself to national politics, central declared like no beat around the bush..things have to be seen how the T.government going to convey this to people.

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