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  27 Nov, 2017
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What Hyderabad gains with Metro??


Telangana poster.con: Obviously it’s time, Hyderabad going to save more time with metro services. Day after inauguration metro trains will be available to passengers. Means from 29th onwards metro going to get busy with passengers. Already people are waiting in queue for metro smart cards. People are so excited to make a ride in metro.

Apart from politics apart from political delays metro is very much useful to common man. In Hyderabad from children to old man everyone should have faced chafe with the traffic at least one time. They are going to get rid of those mess. If we want to travel from one place to another thought they are very nearer so, we need to travel more time by bus or car or bike whatever. If we take 40 mins to reach our destination, on metro it takes hardly 15 to 20 mins. If we win time, the quality of life will be gifted. Out of 250 metro rail projects in the world, Hyderabad ‘s metro also going to become one of them from 29th onwards. Let’s welcome Metro….

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