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  6 Mar, 2018
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Revanth reveals “The Political Drama” behind KCR’s Third front…

Telangana Congress MLA Revanth reddy unveiled the ‘Political Intention’ behind KCR’s new move on Third front of BJP less and Congress less. Revanth questioned CM KCR , why is KCR plunge into National politics , when Telangana state is burning of many issues such as more than four thousand farmers are killed themselves like no where in India for not getting MSP, tribals are fighting for their reservations…???

Revanth claimed that KCR is an underground project of BJP to divide the anti votes of Modi led BJP, KCR has personal intention too to invent himself into national politics because of his son’s exerting pressure as he wants to be the CM, because of his family internal squabble he stated this entire drama, Revanth said. KCR’s main target is congress party and to escape from CBI cases on Sahara India and ESI hospital scams he became tool to the BJP and playing in their direction, Revanth alleged on the CM KCR.

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