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  8 Feb, 2018
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Revanth makes KTR to ” Eat humble Pie “…..

Telangana The Law meant only for people not for leaders??
Seems yes KTR wants to prove that the law is made only for the people so leaders need not to obey it , with his speech. Once TRS government forwarded to Draconian law, a step to crush dissents who are leveling allegations against CM or government, so police can book suo motu and arrest who breaks this law without complaint from any. Honorable CM’s son come IT minister, KTR referring the opposition party as loafer and saying it’s leader as pappu, what he is going to message to the people?? Is it fair using such language by being a minister??

Congress leader Revanth reddy sharply attacked on KTR comments and said KTR not even fit for watch man job but he is serving as minister because his father is a CM. KTR has cleaned washrooms in America that’s why he goes there often and he also involved in land case. Revanth hits back at PM on his speech at loksbha and said Modi’s speech as sub standard than a common man’s talk under a tree and said Modi insulted the constitution by insulting the Telangana statehood bill.

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