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  19 Feb, 2018
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Rahul comes into Race… Where Modi faces Real Tough …

Telangana In the movie Finding Nemo, all fishes try hard to find Nemo and finally after so many tricky turns they have Nemo…The end. Similarly here the CBI, Interpol…all the police departments are trying same hard to find NiMo
( Nirav Modi ), don’t know when they are gonna catch him, as he already left India and hiding somewhere. Nirav completely drowned down the Punjab national bank by making fraud about more than 11k crore, and put question mark of its existence. Total Nation stunned with all senses and lost hope , trust on Banks of private as well public sectors. They have decided banks are no more safer to their money, when banks ask ton questions and inquiries to give a minimum loan to a common man, how could it be that easy to give such huge money to a Big shot without verification???

BJP government completely facing choked with this incident. Their spokespersons are not able to give clarification. Congress president Rahul Gandhi fired on Modi and Jaitely for being silent on this shudder issue , asked to speak out and demanded answers for common man questions about banking sector in India. People of India are really seeking confidence from the PM, Modi on Banks. Rahul also questioned, when PM had enough time to talk about exams why would he maintain silence to talk about this? No doubt, Nirav episode makes Modi led BJP shady….

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