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  17 Nov, 2017
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Nara Lokesh vs Jr.Ntr in Nandi Awards. There must be something happening between them everybody thinks..but what is it barely knows. Now it has come to a clarity.. Lokesh tweets congratulations to award winners. He wishes to Balayya and Mahesh, who are the Nandi award winners of 2014 and 15. But what about 2016? Jr got it to that year. Did Lokesh do that purposely? So these questions raised commonly to the people who saw his tweets. Here comes the interesting part, the next day paritaala sreeram came into to the screen, and wished jr.Ntr for his award eventually..

To get rid of adversity by kamma fans on this issue, they have controlled the situation. Whatever the differences they have under, but when it comes to caste they planed well…

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