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  6 Nov, 2017
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Mission accomplished: Garuda Vega review

National award winning director Praveen Sattaru has come up with a thriller, featuring Dr. Rajashekar and Pooja Kumar as the lead roles.Despite of the pain that Rajashekar family is going through, they have released Garuda Vega this Friday. A day before the release, Jeevitha Rajashekar has lost his brother. Quite a few days back Rajashekar has lost his mother. Out of this Setback, Garuda Vega should definitely give them some relief.

coming into the movie…

I have tell this, on a pan Telugu scale Praveen Sattaru has made one of the best Telugu thriller. You will witness some astonishing action sequences and thrilling edge of the seat moments in the both half’s. I call it small but brilliant.The plot has so much of weight and it seemed that the team exactly know, what they are going for. Screen play made this film a simple understanding where the dialogues are plain.Director Praveen has cut down the non sense brilliantly and focused on subject.

Opened with some spectacular action moments in darjeeling which makes you feel like watching some Hollywood action cinema.But then comes Mr & Mrs Shekar ( DR.Rajashekar and Pooja Kumar) to tell you that you are on a Telugu screen. Shekar who is bad husband but good at work soon finish his small covert operation, which reflects his credibility and integrity in NIA.Then the story quickly jumps into mission GARUDA VEGA.What is Garuda vega and How Shekar and his team worked to stop it is the rest of the movie.

DR. Rajashekar has well maintained to his role. His hard work really payed well on screen.Pooja Kumar suited perfect for Rajashekar and as a mother of a kid. Sradhha Das has less to do, but Still shows up in some important moments. One great thing about Garuda vega, which i liked the most is.. you don’t find any fight where one man finishes of big villain troop.

However, Some scenes look like a inspiration and mixture of Hollywood action cinema, its a kind of new for Telugu audiences.Visuals are the biggest asset to this thriller and you will definitely witness some never before watched locations. cinematography is very well done with eye-popping shots.Productions values are really on a high scale that definitely raise the bar of this cinema.Who ever worked behind the screen for Garuda vega should deserve a great appreciation.

Sunny’s item song has bring the fast growing screenplay into worthless halt. But this worthless halt is an Pisa vassal moment in the B and C centres. The climax that end in the Indian ocean also bring’s the end to mission Garuda vega.

Its best thriller that can be witnessed this weekend.Praveen Sattaru mission with DR.Rajashekar is accomplished. it’s a hit cinema.

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