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  17 Jan, 2018
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KCR breaches Human rights of Telangana….T.cong

Telangana congress leaders fired on CM KCR alleging that KCR breached humans rights of Telangana people, sending them to jail whoever questioned him. Telangana congress leaders visited chanchalguda jail to see Manda Krishna and TDP leader, who went to osmania campus and got arrested , sent to jail and said that, democracy is been into danger in Telangana because of KCR ‘s wrong priorities.

Another congress leader Revanth Reddy demanded that KCR should release the prisoners who had completed five years jail amercement on the occasion of the Republic day as he promised before polls. Revanth also advised to TRS, government should be cautious on Telangana water distribution and leave the remaining water to down only after fulfilling Telangana people’s needs, in the meeting of water resources development.

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