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  10 Jan, 2018
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Hyderabad is going to become another DELHI in Decade ??

We all know how our capital city Delhi is clutched by the pollution, people can’t go out without leaving masks, bulk holidays to schools and offices…. these things can help us to visualize the hazardous environmental situation over there. In coming years survey says that Hyderabad also going to face the same situation so does in Delhi. According to The Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI) research on popular cities in India revealed astonishing issues which can ring danger bells in coming years if we are not awake.

Research says, the dangerous Sulphur dioxide (So2) existing 40 grams per cubic meter where it supposed to be just 4 grams per cubic meter in air unconditionally increased because of the raising in the number of vehicles, open constructions, and also blazing the garbage at residencies causes the air and environment contaminated. Air , water and land what not everything is getting polluted which can affect human health badly with instant and long term diseases. The government should come forward and ensure that fitness for all vehicles and not allow the failed ones on the road , permitting to necessary constructions, saying no to the registration of new autos which comes under HMDA, finding new ways to dispose of the garbage only then we might breath the air without mask for some more years.

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