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  7 Feb, 2018
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How the “Unemployment” of Telangana going to stir KCR ???

Telangana It’s been more than four years since KCR led TRS formed the government by making many promises… Unemployment will come first in the list of them, which gave hope to thousands of students who led the Telangana movement standing in the front. KCR promised to the youth that he would vanish unemployment with giving ” job to every home” in the state, Not more than an year left to another elections in Telangana. Where are the poll promises gone? Are they just limited to polls and to gain votes? Seems yes, the situation of youth of Telangana became worse and they are distressed with TRS policies. They have decided not to give chance again to KCR .


At this moment they feel hopeful for Congress and showed solidarity for its ‘yatra’. Congress party started yatra to cheer unemployment youth of Telangana and to fill confidence in them. Congress leaders slammed on CM, KCR completely forgot about the students and showed always cold shoulder to them, could not conduct single DSC since he got into power , they alleged. Congress leaders also said when the students are stopping their lives with disappointment of jobs, KCR son KTR spending his time in abroad wearing suite, they fired. The 49 days yatra is going to touch every constituency of Telangana and give hope to the youth , once congress came back to power sure will fill all the vacancies and give pension to the unemployed youth until they get job, congress leaders said.


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