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  21 Jan, 2018
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How many of them are like “Pad Man” ??

Telangana Pad man is an Indian biographical film by director Balki, and Akshay Kumar as the lead role who causes a stir in his east Indian village when he tries to revolutionize the manufacturing of sanitary napkins for women. Akshay would come first among all in doing films with social consciousness as the background line where pad man also one of those films. Akshay proved that not only he is a responsible actor but also kind hearted by making way to Padmavat easy.

Actually both padmavat and padman have same releasing dates as we all knew that padmavath faced many sensor scissors and struggles finally got clear from the court to come out. Akshay decided not to be a competitor and did post phone his movie pad man to made a way for padmavat considering as his turn favor. He announced this in a press meet , received warm thanks from padmavat crew and industry. We can count on fingers such personality in the industry, Akhi fans have become more happy with his unique kinda nature and awaiting for their Hero’s upcoming…

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