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  22 Dec, 2017
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How come 2G verdict “Boost” to the Congress and “Blast” to the BJP???


Telangana Everybody running behind 4G and fast screening, why would like sudden shudder , they start talking about old 2G? Yes, it owes significance because it was one of the Major Scams which rocked the whole nation, as NDA alleged. After special court declared everyone as acquit it grabbed all nation attention. 2G had become a weapon to BJP to ruin dignity of the congress and caused it downfall in 2014 polls. Now court said, there was no ” conspiracy ” happened at all. Who can gain with this? Congress or Ruling BJP?

Definitely it could be congress, because all middle class people started wave of anger and turned anti congress and made it out of power in 2014. After verdict it could be beneficiary to congress, people will think about congress with positive vibes , besides BJP failed to gain people’s belief with GST and notes cancelation. The verdict will definitely boost up congress to reach more into people.

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