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  25 Jan, 2018
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Congress getting ready for Pre-Elections….

Telangana poster.Com:
In Telangana there is a talk spreading over the parties that the elections will be held in this December, as KCR is trying all the ways for early panchayat elections, general elections also may come earlier, leaders think of it. The main opposition to TRS is the congress party in Telangana, so congress has already started working on it, local congress leaders settled in their constituencies and in touch with the people all the time. They are making themselves prepared for the elections when ever it happens .

Meanwhile T.congress leaders are planning to do Bus Yatra ,covering all over Telangana districts and think that will be the best way to move into the people for this they are going to Delhi to meet Rahul to get permission for Yatra. If all set, they will be on BusYatra from February second week onwards. The aim of this yatra is, how KCR neglected the farmers and how they doomed in his ruling… How the students are suffering with no major notifications like DSC, and how the irrigations projects are corrupted in KCR government… considering these as prior things congress left no stone unturned to go into people.

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