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  7 Dec, 2017
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BJP digs same old cards to get on polls and gives advantage to congress ??

Telangana The People of Gujarat feel discontent for not full filling the oaths have made by leaders in almost two decades of BJP ruling. They said, about in twenty two years of government we still fight for the drinking water. They are spending much on water and other natural resources. And one more suffering issue is, unemployment . Recruitments have been stopped for more than 15 years and it becomes burden for appointed employees. Especially teacher’s situation is too bad, one person needs to teach all subjects. They more demand for roads, water and reduction in electricity bills. In some places , interestingly they displayed banners on leaders not to visit until they bring in the demands.

The first term campaign is going to finish. Still BJP didn’t have new points to aim congress. They became busy with digging same old things which gave success to them on congress in previous polls. ” but people have become aware of those things and this time they are more confident to show their opinions ” source said. BJP cared for the situations and started convincing people. They started campaigning” its so important to win Gujarat as this is Modi’s state and it’s related to his dignity”. No doubt these factors can make congress strengthen.

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